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Occupy Angara: A Situation Assessment in a State of Emergency

[NOTE: Angara is an alternative pronunciation of the name Ankara, which reflects the peculiarities of the city and the country.] The Political Atmosphere Leading Towards Gezi Park Process It can be said that the Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AKP) was born as a hegemonic project in the wake of the economic and social ...  Read More »

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Defining the Terrain of Struggle in Taksim

In the past weeks, the Gezi Park occupation has weathered a ferocious police deployment accompanied by an almost ceaseless barrage of tear gas, plastic bullets, and water cannons directed at the peaceful congregration at the heart of Taksim. According to the latest report of the Turkish Medical Association, as of 17 ...  Read More »

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London Event: What Is Happening in Turkey? Reflections on an Uprising (26 June 2013)

What is Happening in Turkey? Reflections on an Uprising Date and Time: Wednesday 26 June 2013, 6-8 pm Location: Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE While shaping the political history of Turkey and the world, the popular uprising in Turkey has also challenged the social sciences and humanities ...  Read More »

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New Texts Out Now: Markus Dressler, Writing Religion: The Making of Turkish Alevi Islam

Markus Dressler, Writing Religion: The Making of Turkish Alevi Islam. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Markus Dressler (MD): I have been working on Alevism and religion in modern Turkey on and off for more than fifteen years. During this time, I ...  Read More »

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Resisting Tear Gas Together

You are never quite able to forget the first time you are teargassed. If you’re fortunate, you see the tear gas first being deployed and have enough time to make sure you avoid the canisters’ ballistic paths (police often aim for your head when firing them). Immediately after, the loud hiss of the gas ...  Read More »

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Turkey Page Co-Editor Asli Bali and Bogazici University's Edhem Eldem on Protests and Repression in Turkey

In the aftermath of the brutal clearing of Gezi Park and the adjacent areas in the early hours of 16 June, along with the turnout of supporters for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's rally in a different part of Istanbul on 17 June, it is important to understand the political, economic, and social roots of the ...  Read More »

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#resistankara: Notes of a Woman Resisting

Thousands of women filled the streets and squares in Ankara and took them back: spraying anti-teargas solutions in someone’s eyes, picking up the trash, advising people not to use swear words, but still talking, screaming, not keeping silent, swallowing, and walking, and walking again. The Gezi Park protests can be, ...  Read More »

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It Is About the Park: A Struggle for Turkey’s Cities

It is with alarming regularity that I read coverage of the protests and ensuing police brutality that erupted in Gezi Park and Taksim Square, Istanbul that emphatically insists that the confrontations are about “so much more than a park.” Reassuring their readers that the protests are not about something as silly or ...  Read More »

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'Ottomanalgia' and the Protests in Turkey

It was the sixth day since a peaceful sit-in had begun in Gezi Park in Istanbul to protect the last remaining green space in the center of the city. Protests had spread throughout the country due to the excessive use of force by police, including tear gas, water cannons, and plastic bullets against protesters from ...  Read More »

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Report from Istanbul: Koray Caliskan on Democracy Now

This is an interview conducted with Koray Caliskan on 12 June, addressing the ongoing protests in Istanbul. The interview addresses the violent repression of protests, including the use of tear gas and water canons, as well as the context of the protests, relating to what led to the mobilization and greater ...  Read More »

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Sultan of Sultans

                       Read More »

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The Spring of Turkey, The Fall of Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s insistence on demolishing Gezi Park and building a shopping mall on it was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the causes behind the demonstrations that have shaken Turkey. The real reason is composed of three elements: rising authoritarianism, declining ...  Read More »

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A Pro-Government Newspaper in Turkey Blasts Jadaliyya for Its Role in the Protests!

[This article, by Elif Ince, was published in the Turkish newspaper Radikal on 13 June 2013. It was written in part as a response to an article published by the pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak on 10 June 2013, in which Jadaliyya was accused of leading the wave of critical analysis and conspiracy against the ...  Read More »

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Praise for the 'Marginal Groups'

All those recently labeled as “Marginal Groups” are legal. Precisely because they routinely come under attack by the state and are forcibly choked in gas despite being legal formations, they know state violence well and know even better how to resist it. Today the odor of the gas does not leave my body. The scent of ...  Read More »

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Tahrir to Taksim: We Demand the Fall of the System (Video)

The following video expresses the Mosireen media collective’s stance of solidarity with the on-going demonstrations around Istanbul’s Taksim Square, and in several other Turkish cities. It begins with images of trees being uprooted in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, to make way for the government’s planned conversion of the ...  Read More »

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Our Call: Petition by Academics for Gezi

[The following petition was issued by Academics for Gezi, and is open to any and all academics to sign. A link to where the petition can be signed is provided below.] Our Call As academics concerned with the recent developments in Turkey, we stand in solidarity with the people peacefully protesting to protect Gezi ...  Read More »

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Taksim Solidarity Statement: To the Press and Citizens of Turkey

[The following press release was issued by Taksim Dayanışması (Taksim  Solidarity) on 12 June 2013. Taksim Solidarity is an coalition constitued by approximately eighty organziations including civil society groups, professional associations, politicla parties, and platforms. The statement has been ...  Read More »

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Artists in Resistance: In Solidarity with the Resistance at Gezi Park

[The following statement was released by the undersigned group of artists on 3 June 2013 at Gezi Park. Click here for more information. Support messages can be sent to] We, the artists of Turkey, express our serious concern over the ongoing incidents which have erupted in ...  Read More »

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Occupy Gezi: A Roundtable Discussion and Podcast

The world’s eyes are currently on Istanbul. As protests spread throughout Turkey, media outlets are scrambling to convey some type of picture of what is taking place to an eager audience that often lacks the proper context and background knowledge to make sense of the events. Meanwhile, commentators continue to offer ...  Read More »

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Turkish Media's Moral Bankruptcy: An Interview with Haluk Sahin

Two weeks since the eruption of the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, the demonstrations show little signs of abating. Instead, they have proliferated across the country and taken on new political forms, expressions, and iterations. One thing, however, remains largely consistent: the mainstream Turkish media have at ...  Read More »

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إصطفافات المعارضة وسياسة التسمية: تنظيم المقاومة في تركيا

خرج أكثر من عشرة آلاف شخص في شوارع العمرانية، منطقة سكنية للطبقة المتوسطة على الجانب الآسيوي من إسطنبول، في العاشرة من مساء الثاني من حزيران/يونيو، لا ليؤازروا المتظاهرين في متنزه غازي في ميدان تقسيم فقط، ولكن ليبدوا مؤازرتهم أيضا لكل المتظاهرين في المدن السبع والستين في كل أنحاء تركيا من أنقرة وأزمير، إلى أدنا ...  Read More »

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Is Everywhere Taksim?: Public Space and Possible Publics

    In a speech on 1 June, responding to the wave of protests sweeping through Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan proclaimed that “the issue is not the 5-10 trees that are being removed.” By calling the demonstrators “ideological,” and suggesting they were simply opposition cadres or opportunistic ...  Read More »

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Trials and Tribulations of Turkish News Media

On 3 June, while mass protests against the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government were raging in several cities around Turkey, something equally important happened in Istanbul. Close to three thousand people gathered in front of the offices of Dogus Media Group, one of the five largest media conglomerates in ...  Read More »

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The View from Istiklal

More than a week has passed since activity began in Istanbul’s Gezi Park at Taksim Square. İstiklal Avenue, where I live, has been full of protestors waving or draped in the Turkish flag, carrying political banners, and shouting slogans: “Government Resign” (Hükümet İstifa), “Tayyip Resign” (Tayyip İstifa), “Shoulder ...  Read More »

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Let Us Dot the ‘i’ and Cross the ‘t’: Insurgence and the End of ‘Tough Love’ Politics in Turkey

I think it was on the second day of the protests that I saw the photograph: a Gezi Park protester standing in front of a yellow warning sign. The municipality sign warns drivers to use alternative routes because of the construction work in Taksim Square. The activist is drawing a line through the letter “l” in the ...  Read More »

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Hasty Observations from the Gezi Park Resistance

The tweet I circulated before I went to the Gezi Park on Thursday read: “Could this place turn into a Tiananmen or Tahrir? Why not?” Under certain conditions, those things that we cannot fully grasp on the conscious level, we simply sense subconsciously. I must have sensed without knowing it, that a full-blown ...  Read More »

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O.I.L. Monthly Edition (May 2013)

[This is a monthly archive of pieces written by Jadaliyya contributors and editors on the Occupations, Interventions,and Law (O.I.L.) Page. It also includes material published on other platforms that editors deemed pertinent to post as they provide diverse depictions of O.I.L.-related topics. The pieces reflect the ...  Read More »

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Contours of a New Republic and Signals from the Past: How to Understand Taksim Square

Much has been written about the protests in Istanbul and Turkey, which have unfolded since the initial occupation of Gezi Park by environmental activists on 28 May. In the attempt to make sense of the massive unrest which followed, several frames of explanation have emerged: The prism of the “Tahrir Republic” and the ...  Read More »

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Today We All Are Someone New: An Open Letter from Istanbul

[The following open letter was issued by Müştereklerimiz (Our Commons) on 2 June 2013. It serves as an umbrella organization for groups working on urban issues, ecology, immigrant rights, and LGBT rights with the purpose of creating democratic commons. Since the occupation of the Gezi Park, the organization ...  Read More »

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Erdogan in Morocco: The Politics of Reception

A widely mediatized and well-timed state visit can double up both as a political opportunity and as a convenient distraction. Such was the case, or as it seems, for Erdogan’s tour in the Maghreb, starting with a first stop in Morocco, followed by Algeria, and ending with Tunisia. Despite attempts at public relations ...  Read More »

About Turkey Page

Jadaliyya’s Turkey Page features exclusive and in-depth coverage by contributors on the ground in Turkey as well as outside observers, from a wide range of perspectives. We aim to enrich the coverage of Turkey throughout the English-language media, to generate new critical conversations, and to translate work being published in Turkish for an English-language audience. We welcome submissions in both English and Turkish. If you wish to contribute to this page, send your material to or click below:




Turkey Map and Stats

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Population (2016 est.): 80,274,604
Government: Republican Parliamentary Democracy
Year of independence: 1923
GDP: $856.8 billion (2016 est.); $1.698 trillion (2016 est., purchasing power parity)
Unemployment: 10.9% (2016 est.); Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): 24.5% (est. Jan 2017)
Internet Users: 53.7% - 42.681 million (July 2015 est.)
Exchange Rate: ~ 3.5 Turkish lira per US dollar (2016 est.)
GDP Growth Rate: 2.9% (2016 est.)
Military Expenditures: 1.69% of GDP (2016) (World Rank: 35)
Health Expenditures: 5.4% of GDP (2014) (World Rank: 103)
Population Growth Rate: 5.4% of GDP (2014)
Age Structure: 0-14 years: 25.08% (male 10,303,153/female 9,833,713); 15-24 years: 16.11% (male 6,605,634/female 6,329,921); 25-54 years: 43.15% (male 17,541,137/female 17,094,141); 55-64 years: 8.36% (male 3,335,021/female 3,374,965); 65 years and over: 7.3% (male 2,603,655/female 3,253,264) (2016 est.)
Literacy: 95% (Male: 98.4%; Female: 91.8% [2015 est.])
Religious Demographics: Sunni Muslim 80-85%; Alevi Muslim 15-20%; Christian (various denominations) 0.13%; Jewish 0.03%
Ethnic Demographics: Turks 80%, Kurds 18%, Arabs 1.4%, Armenians 0.1%, and other (Assyrian, Greek Orthodox, Georgian, Circassian) 0.5%
Languages: Turkish, Kurdish, Zaza, Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Albanian, Neo-Aramaic Laz, Ladino
Area: 301,159 square miles

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